Place Obedience

8yr old Westie in Tampa Learning Place
Teach your dog Obedience to go to "Place" when you have people at the door, eating supper or just want your pup to remain in place for extended periods of time. 


Similar to "Place" 

Learn to Walk on Loose Leash

13 week old GSD Learning to Walk on a Loose Leash as well as Sit/stay and Down/Stay.

Long Down/Stay

Amber working on long down/stay in home depot 

Ambers 3rd Class

Amber's 3rd class!!! Kudos to her daddy for doing his homework!!👏👏👍👍 

Freyja and Gracie Sit/Stay

Freyja and Gracie both 1st time in public working on Sit/Stay in Home Depot. Notice I only give verbal correction and bring Freyja back where she was and praise her for the correct action of returning to a seated position. **Notice .. I Don't Repeat the Command**


Ellie's 3rd class and doing awesome!!