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Why choose Good Behavior Dog Training?


 My name is Robin LeBlanc and I have been training dogs for over 40+ years. Growing up we had 7 German Shepherds and a couple of poodles at one time. So you can imagine if they didn't behave what kind of nightmare that would have been. My Mom definitely gave me my love and desire to train dogs. Now I want to share my knowledge with you and show you how you can have a dog that is a well behaved family member and a welcome guest where ever you go. I will help you solve your dogs behavior problems and teach your dog good manners.

In home dog training in Tampa, Lutz, Brandon, Sarasota and surrounding areas. So whether you are looking for Behavior Modification/Obedience in Tampa or anywhere in the state, Call the right dog trainer today @ 813-423-0474 office or 352-208-4034 cell

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What do I love most about being a dog trainer?


Best dog trainer in Tampa! I love my job because I am able to help people understand and correct the behaviors their dogs are displaying, and turn them into the fun loving and well-behaved family member that is a joy, instead of an embarrassment.  I have the best job in the world... "I get to work with puppies all day!!!"  

Types of Training


Training all types of dogs from Toy Poodles - Great Danes, from 8 weeks - 15 years old.

From Basic Obedience - Behavior Modification-Protection*
*Note* will only train an Alert dog for the general public.
I do not teach a dog to bite for the general public. I will however teach a dog to show defensive aggression as well as teach it excellent  control while remaining a sociable and friendly dog. But if the owner or a member of the family felt threatened, they could give a command to the dog to show what appears to be major aggression. This is usually enough to deter most people intent on harming the dogs owners.

Dog Training in Tampa

Christy, Benjamin, Rachel, Lydia and Meggie


 I can’t say enough about how great Robin has been as our trainer.Yes, she really trains humans, not dogs.Our puppy obeyed her every command from the moment she stepped into the house. The trick was for her to teach us how to have the same affect.She has done a phenomenal job!Even  our 3 year old has learned how to properly handle our 50+ pound  chocolate lab puppy! Our friends and people we see in the neighborhood  while on our walk comment about what a great dog she is.A few months ago we needed to go out of town, so I called a good friend to ask if she would take care of Meggie for a week.She  said that was a great idea because her husband and kids wanted a lab  and she thought this would be a good opportunity to show all of them how  much work a dog would really be.I instructed the kids in a few  basic commands (that we learned from Robin, of course). When we came  back, she said her plan had back-fired, because Meggie was the best dog  she’d ever had at her house! She was so easy and well-behaved that they  now have their very own lab puppy!Thanks  to Robin for her excellent training! If you want to have a dog that’s a  joy to be around and not a nuisance; run, don’t walk, to the nearest  phone and call Good Behavior Dog Training.You won’t regret it!I  think I have a picture somewhere of Lydia practicing commands with  Meggie. If I don't, I'll take one and send it. Lydia periodically will  go get treats, take Meggie to the living room and go thru sit, down,  stay, sit, down, sit, stay. Sometimes I have to tell her to go ahead and  actually give the dog the treat, because Meggie does every single thing  Lydia says on command. It's hilarious. The additions to the website  look great, by the way! 

Christy,Benjamin, Rachel, Lydia and Meggie

Hillary & Zeus


First  off I would just like to tell you that Robin is AMAZING at what she  does. If you are looking for someone who can train your dog and more  importantly you, she is the one and only person I would recommend. She  embraces the "be the pack-leader" philosophy along with positive  reinforcement.
I called Robin in desperation about our newest dog, Zeus; s...he  listened to my concerns and even made time to come out that very same  day and the training started right then. From she moment she walked in  the door, she commanded my dog's attention just by using her presence,  posture, and eye contact- a few treats didn't hurt either!
Not only  did she ask for and receive Zeus's respect, she showed me how to get the  same results. Robin gave me the tools I needed to be able to "lead" my  dog and establish that I was in charge and that he could trust that I  would protect him from anything he feared. Our first session was only an  hour but by the time she walked out the door, I was reassured and  confident that I could help Zeus be the dog he wanted and we needed him  to be with her help.
I cannot thank Robin enough because I truly  believe that without her help Zeus would not be the fantastic dog that  he is. So, THANK YOU ROBIN! You are THE BEST!
-Hillary & Zeus
I  have attached a picture of Zeus, my 1 & 1/2 year old, 90 lbs,  Rotti/mix. He looks very serious in this picture but is really a giant  goofball! He must have known this pic would be seen by many! 

Emily, Froila, Mac & Molly


I  took my 4 month old puppy out for a walk by myself for the first time  and it was an amazing. No pulling, he listened to me "I was in control",  we walked by a group of 5 kids and dogs. All went well, he is the best  behaved 4 month old puppy I have ever seen and we are told that daily by  strangers! I am a proud mommy!

I  then took my other 6 year old dog out for a walk by myself and I was  able to control her too. I have never been able to do that and the funny  thing is she didn't go through dog training with Robin. I learned that  much with Robin that I was able to teach my other dog.

Thank you Robin you are amazing, you are our land o lakes caesar!

Emily, Froila, Mac & Molly

 ****It just keeps getting better....
Robin  is an amazing dog trainer. She puts you and your dog in real case  senarios and teaches you to always be in charge. Her involvement with  our puppy and her German Shepherd was remarkable. The training our puppy  got with her German Shepherd was priceless, it sped his training and  interaction with other dogs. I would recommend Robin to anyone that has a  dog that needs good behavior training. We love our dogs and look  forward to coming home to them and taking them out in public.

Our biggest outing was taking our 5 month old puppy on an 9 hour trip to Georgia.
He  did exceptionaly well in a strange home, car trip, went on a walk with  dogs he didn't know and a 4 mile hike. Thanks Again Robin!
Emily, Froila, Mac & Molly

Richard & Cinder



Audrey, myself and Cinder wish to thank you for your instructions and methods. I was amazed at Cinder's IMMEDIATE response to your leadership and obedience of your  commands. She learned in minutes what I'd been trying for days to teach  her.

I thought I was pretty good at basic obedience training until we met. Now I feel like Tiny Tim meeting Tom Jones!!!

Cinder is progressing very nicely and has become well-mannered while still being playful.

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing you again.


Richard Pustelnik 

Dog and Pony



Just  thought I'd let you know... We took the dogs for a walk last night.  First time EVER we could actually take a nice relaxing walk with them.  It was awesome (You're the BOMB). I also have been practicing the bow  you taught Bucky whenever I go down to th barn. He's getting pretty  good. Geez girl, is there anything you can't... do? Dog and Horse whisperer you are! ♥

Robin Di Donato-Bidwell

Sonya & Pepper


 Pepper,  who was known as the "wild man" before meeting Robin, has become much  more of a companion despite that he is just 9 months old. Robin was  successful in settling Pepper down considerably in the first few minutes  of her initial visit. Of course, Robin trains me, too!