Good Behavior Dog Training Tips and Ideas

Beat the Summer Heat


For those hot summer days, make your pup an ice lick using water or low sodium beef or chicken broth. Hiding some of your pups favorite toys, treats 

A Tired Dog is a Happy Owner


Have some fun with your pup with this interactive (with you only) toy that your pup can chase, tug and shake!! Found locally at the Hounds Meow.

Cow Hooves


Chewing comes natural to your pup. Cow hooves are one of the many ways to keep your dog chewing on appropriate items and helps to keep teeth clean and free of tarter!!

Make Sure Your Dog is Getting the Right Amount of Exercise


A lot of negative behaviors stem from lack of enough exercise and mental stimulation. Make sure your pup is receiving the right amount of exercise tailored to its breed. Exercise requirements for Bulldogs are not equal to the amount required for a Border Collie!!  

Mental Stimulation


Mental stimulation goes hand in hand with physical exercise to keep your pup from doing unwanted negative behaviors. Toys such as the Kong Wobbler or the Busy Buddy exercise your pups brain as he/she tries to figure out how to get the goodies out of the toy. 

Socialize Your Dog


 Part of training your Puppy/Dog is Socialization. Socialization of  your dog is a must if you want a happy and well-adjusted dog. Socialization requires dedication, timing and patience based on the  dog’s age and threshold of adaptivity to various levels of stress.  A well socialized dog will be the welcome well behaved family member you can take with you everywhere!!  *Click on picture to take you to our Wordpress article. Remember by following Good Behavior Dog Training Tips and Ideas,

you will have a happy well adjusted Pup!